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Registered dietitians are THE nutrition experts, and the team we've assembled is among the best of the best. These dietitians have done the research to develop on-demand nutrition courses and educational materials that are easy to digest. We're thrilled to bring their expertise to you, whenever you need them.

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Courtney Lee

Courtney Lee MS, RDN, CLT, CFCS has her MS in Clinical Nutrition. She worked in acute-care, long-term care and food service management prior to starting her private practice. She is a Certified LEAP Therapist, implementing the LEAP Diet Protocol with MRT Testing. She provides virtual counseling to clients in multiple states and is licensed in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and New York.

Naomi Blocton

Naomi Blocton MS, RD, LDN has her MS in Human Nutrition from East Carolina University. She's worked in acute care, long-term care, dialysis & outpatient bariatrics in the past seven years practicing as a dietitian. Currently, she works with Novant Health System providing virtual counseling to patients in pursuit of bariatric surgeries. She is licensed in North Carolina, Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Caitlin Quinn

Caitlin Quinn, RDN has experience in clinical nutrition, eating disorders and long term care. She has also participated in school and community nutrition education programs. Caitlin is particularly passionate about public health and nutrition education.

Emily Riddle

Emily Riddle, PhD, RD received her PhD in Nutrition from Cornell University. Her career focuses on bridging the worlds of nutrition research, nutrition education and clinical practice. Clinically, she focuses on helping her clients make sense of evolving nutrition science so they can make well-informed healthcare decisions. Through her work in both home care and private practice, she provides in-person and virtual counseling to clients in multiple states.

Alex Taylor

Alex is the Program Director for Dietitians On Demand Direct. You’ll see him in most lessons as the host for your educational experience. Alex oversees each course from initial conception to completed project and works closely with our team of expert dietitians, our video crew and our marketing team. He's been with Dietitians On Demand since 2019. Alex and his family live in Richmond, VA and you might even see their daughter guest star on a few lessons.