Elite Athlete Nutrition

What To Expect In This Course

Are you an athlete looking to take your nutrition as seriously as you do training and performance? Are you ready to understand how nutrition can make your practices better, and performance during games and matches more consistent? The best athletes understand that every part of their routines must support their goals, and nutrition is no different.

 Developed by a registered dietitian and former Division I collegiate athlete, this course speaks to the challenges and needs of high school and college athletes. Not every program can have registered dietitians, private dining, or curated menus. This course is built to give athletes, their parents, and coaches the power to take responsibility for their nutrition.

What you'll learn and leave the course with:

  • Understanding how the body fuels physical activity.
  • Nutrition recommendations for athletes before, during and after practice or competition.
  • Understanding where common myths around sports nutrition developed and sort the truth from popularized fiction.
  • Consequences for inadequate fueling, and prevention of RED-S. 
  • Understanding supplements and analysis of commonly recommended diets for athletes (keto, vegetarian, vegan, etc.).
  • Develop a personalized guide for energy needs, explore sample menus, case studies and more!
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Meet The Instructor: Emily Riddle

Emily Riddle, PhD, RD received her PhD in Nutrition from Cornell University. Her career focuses on bridging the worlds of nutrition research, nutrition education and clinical practice. Clinically, she focuses on helping her clients make sense of evolving nutrition science so they can make well-informed healthcare decisions. Through her work in both home care and private practice, she provides in-person and virtual counseling to clients in multiple states.

What People Are Saying:

Emily S., RN, BSN

The pregnancy course I liked and would recommend. I really appreciated that she referenced to honor your body and what it’s telling you. There was no diet culture talk, which is great for people who have struggled with that/are currently working through that. I’d love more videos in the series!