Early Childhood Nutrition

What To Expect In This Course

Feeding your kids can be a challenge! This course provides education and solutions for parents needing help with a variety of issues and questions. 

Childhood nutrition is a topic with no shortage of "experts" or claims of what is "best" for your child. This course is taught by a registered dietitian and gives you the tools you need to feel confident in the nutrition decisions you make. 

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Meet The Instructor: Courtney Lee

Courtney Lee MS, RDN, CLT, CFCS has her MS in Clinical Nutrition. She worked in acute-care, long-term care and food service management prior to starting her private practice. She is a Certified LEAP Therapist, implementing the LEAP Diet Protocol with MRT Testing. She provides virtual counseling to clients in multiple states and is licensed in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and New York.

What People Are Saying:

Brittany L.

I kept hearing so much on the Internet about childhood obesity and what an epidemic it’s becoming that I wanted to do something early to help my son enjoy healthy food. This course from DOD Direct was the perfect starting point. I learned some sneaky ways to incorporate more veggies and healthy food into his meals and we’re both happier because of it.

Jessica T.

I wish a course like this existed for my first two kids. I was constantly searching mom groups and Instagram for ideas, often to just watch people argue in the comments. The only professional advice I could find was so vague that it didn’t help. This course is exactly what I needed to confirm a few things I already knew, and find some new ideas too. Highly recommend to any parent.

Amanda B.

My two-and-a-half-year-old stopped eating anything that wasn’t a pb&j sandwich. This course helped build my confidence and gave me tools to encourage better eating. I especially liked the workbook that I saved to my phone for quick reference to the snack list and substitutions!

Carly M.

As a mom with a toddler, this course was a lifesaver. My daughter isn't a picky eater but she loves saying "no" whenever she can. This course taught me some helpful tricks and now she is asking to eat more fruits and vegetables!

Heidi W.

I wanted to set up my little girl for a lifelong positive relationship with food and this course did just that! I now know exactly what to serve her at each meal and honestly, it’s so much easier than I thought it would be.

Cindy H.

As a grandmother of a very picky eater, I decided to watch this course from DOD Direct. I found the information to be helpful and easy to implement in to a daily routine. It's stressful when your child or grandchild won't eat and I am grateful for the tips and tools to help ease the stress.